Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today is 12-12-2012 , yeah i know its quite an auspicious day of the year where everyone will be thinking it will be a right time to get married and also the right time to give birth during this time , but thank god im post call and i get to go back and get some rest after the passover rounds , managed to get my nap and surprisingly its like 12:12pm that time somemore when i go to bed , surprisingly i able to get up on time just to had dinner time with my dear , unfortunately for her , she is stuck with the cardiothoracic case at late night , we managed to get a short dinner after that in the evening , surprisingly the food at Emperor delight ....taste not bad after all , afterthat , went back to OT with her and get back filling up my skt form , cpd , and hrmis . The website for this mycpd and hrmis is down and man im so dissapoint with them for the bad service despite im due to submit for mycpd for the end of the year .... Gonna wake up later at 3am later to register mycpd account and gonna flood all my point into it the mean , hopefully she get to finish her case fast so that can teman her to her car .... lately the hospital carpark is not a safe place anymore ...till next time then :-)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Understanding her .......

This whole week is one of the most tiring and busy for me and her , getting into a relationship is not an easy task after all , after juggling with icu HQE 1 rotation , get to work and know more with the big boss Dr Khoo TM , life in icu hqe1 is not so bad after all despite all the hectic referral and peripheral as well , despite all the busy schedule and all the tiring work . I managed to arrange my time and spend more time with her , almost nearly a week with her , somehow I get to know her even more , despite that her Master entrance exam is around the corner and tension building up between her and studies , I decided to spend more time with her , make sure she is well fed and also giving her a call make sure she is ok with everything .... I'm worried about her quite a lot , but I think that we can able to make it through this hurdle with just a little push at it .... So ... Gambateh dear !! I'm sure u will exceed in your exam !

Saturday, December 1, 2012

I Met A Girl......

I know it's quite a funny things that a guy write a blog regarding for a love relationship , but let me tell u regarding a story of a girl that I have just met just few months , initially I thought of her as a working colleagues...but then suddenly I develop some kind of attachment to this girl me crazy ..but this feeling with her is just like those butterfly in the stomach ...but apparently this is what people call falling in love is all about ... Relationship is always starts with a courtship, slowly gaining trust and acknowledgement between one another ..but thank god , before that , there is always a lot of hurdle before we make it this far ..hopefully this relationship will last forever between me and her ... Wishing us a whole world of togetherness and many happiness in the years to come ;)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Journey Continues .......

It's has been awhile since I posted a blog in blog spot quite sometimes , might be a good time now since I got the time and things to write the story of my life so far with the world ..... The past few years has been the most struggling day of my life ... And also a lot of things to juggle up with my daily routines ... Will start updating my blog as soon as possible once I get back with the details ... Till then talk to u guys later ;)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs

Just when i was going out yamcha session with my friends at PappaRich , i hooked up on Facebook and found out that the CEO of Apple , Steve Jobs has passed away ... Steve Jobs is one of the most unforgettable person that has changed the revolution of what we have seen in Apple over the past few years ..and it's sad to find that the world has lost a true visionary person .... Rest In Peace .... Steve Jobs ... i will always remember u with my Ipad2 =-)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Product Preview : The Antec 1200 Ultimate Gaming Casing

Finally , after ordering from ( Performance PC ) and clearance of customs checkup , it's finally here , ladies and gentlemen , i introduce you the ANTEC 1200 casing , much i wanna say about this casing . Here is a quick summary about this casing :

The Antec Twelve Hundred is the evolution of the best-selling Nine Hundred, expanding on its award-winning design with even more cooling, capacity, and convenience. The Twelve Hundred is incredibly robust, with 12 drive bays, 7 expansion slots, and space for even the largest graphics cards. To keep the most demanding systems nice and cool, the Twelve Hundred boasts an unprecedented cooling system, with a top mounted 200mm blue LED fan, two rear blue LED 120mm fans, and three front blue LED 120mm fans to cool the HDD cages. Factor in convenient features like front mounted USB, eSATA, and HD audio ports, and the Twelve Hundred obliterates the competition.


* 12 Drive Bays
* Perforated front bezel for maximum air intake
* Washable air filters reduce dust build up in your system
* Advanced Cooling System:
• 1 top special 200 x 30 mm blue LED exhaust fan with 3-speed switch control (LEDs can be switched off as well)
• 2 rear 120 x 25 mm special blue LED exhaust fans with 3-speed switch control
• 3 front 120 x 25 mm special blue LED intake fans with front speed control
• 1 side 120 x 25 mm fan to cool graphic cards (optional)
• 1 middle 120mm fan to cool CPU or graphic cards (optional)
• Water cooling platform for reservoir or pump
* 7 expansion slots
* Top mounted I/O ports for easy access
• Power and reset button with blue LED
• 2 x USB 2.0
• 1 x eSATA
• HD Audio In and Out
* Convenient top accessory tray for a personal media player
* Motherboard: Up to standard ATX
* No Power Supply included: To optimize performance of your Twelve Hundred, your choice of power supply is crucial. Antec strongly recommends choosing from our NeoPower or TruePower series.
* Dimensions:
• 22.9" (H) x 8.4" (W) x 20.2" (D)
• 58.2 (H) x 21.3 (W) x 51.3 (D) cm

To Sum It : It can only be descirbe it in a one SENTENCE :More Cooling, More Capacity, More Quality

My Rating For This Product Is : 9.5/10